*Charging attack…still charging…still…charging…*

We are back on the anime train once again, this time specifically focusing in on those flashy, often high-budget animated attacks that get our blood pumping. These powerful techniques are unique to each character (or set of characters), often defining their combat style and personality. From fiery explosions to world-ending powerful punches, these moves captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression, showcasing the dynamic and imaginative nature of anime storytelling. So join Tuong and Anime Waifus Amanda Parker, Adam Cunning, and Ethan Howieson for powering up to over 9000 to rank Top 5 Anime Signature Moves!

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Ground Rules

  • Signature move is defined as an action that is synonymous with a character or group of characters
  • Difference between a “signature move” vs a “transformation”. However if the move can only be used through a transformation then that would count
  • The ranking is not based on the most “popular” or the most “powerful” move but that will be taken into consideration. Rather, it’s the one that impacts this group the most (or the one we just think is cool AF)

Group Top 5

5. Guts swinging his sword around (Berserk)

4. Kamehameha (Goku, Dragon Ball, Z, Super)

3. Writing in the Death Note (Light, Death Note)

2. Moon Spiral Attack (Sailor Moon)

1.United States of Smash (All Might, My Hero Academia)


Tuong’s List (Unordered)

  • Kamehameha (Dragon ball, Z, Super)
  • Moon Spiral Attack (Sailor Moon)
  • Ash Ketchup turning his hat backwards (Pokemon)
  • Rasenegan (Naruto)
  • Final Flash (Vegeta – Dragon Ball Z)
  • Spirit Bomb (Goku – Dragon Ball Z)
  • Rock, Paper, Scissors (Gon – Hunter X Hunter)
  • Gum Gum Pistol (Luffy – One Piece)
  • The Rose that Strikes Down Evil (Tuxedo Mask – Sailor Moon)
  • Flame Alchemy (Roy Mustang – Full Metal Alchemist)
  • Heart of the Cards (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

Amanda’s List (Unordered)

  • United States of Smash (All Might – My Hero Academia)
  • Getsuga Tenshou (Ichigo – Bleach)
  • Clapping Hands for Alchemy (Edward Elric – Full Metal Alchemist)
  • Volleyball Block (Tsukishima – Haikyu!!
  • Gon Punching Hisoka (Hunter X Hunter)

Adam’s List (Unordered)

  • 8th Gate (Might Guy – Naruto)
  • Full Counter (Meliodas – 7 Deadly Sins)
  • Granting a Wish (Shenron – Dragon Ball Z)
  • Special Beam Canon (Picolo – Dragon Ball Z)
  • Serious Punch (Saitama) One Punch Man)
  • Gon Transformation Nen (Hunter X Hunter)

Ethan’s List (Unordered)

  • Guts Swinging his sword around (Berserk)
  • Za Warudo – (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure)
  • Writing in the Death Note (Light – Death Note)
  • Dying (Krillin – Dragon Ball Z)
  • Shinji being depressed (Evangelion)
  • Gum Gum Powers (Luffy – One Piece)


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