159 – Top 5 Movies with Animals as Leads

Animals make every movie better. That’s a fact. 

Cinema has a long history of using animals in their films, real and animated. Something about an animal protagonist is just inherently more joyous and interesting as we get to inject human emotion on creatures that famously do not speak human, while also playing into their animal behaviours that better serve the story. This week join Tuong and our Furry Friend lovers Justin & Shannon Godelie (Pull the Plug) and Dan Foerster as they go off-leash and rank Top 5 Movies with Animals as Leads.

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158 – Top 5 Sports Mascots

Olé, Olé, Olé!

Something about watching a live sports game is so much different and unmatched compared to simply watching it on TV. The energy. The crowds. The overpriced concessions. All of it is elevated by the pure buzz you get from the excitement in the stadium. Alas, the true hero of all sports games is not the players themselves, but the one that keeps the crowd cranked to an 11 in an oversized (and probably overheated) novelty costume! So join Tuong La and Sports Aficionados Julian McKenzie, Eric Silver (Multitude, Join the Party, Tell Me About it), and Tom Zalatnai (No Bad Food) as they look through at the most chaotic side of sports and rank Top 5 Sports Mascots!

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157 – Top 5 Halloween Cocktails

This is Halloween.

Just when we thought we ranked every Halloween topic on this show, a spook of inspiration came to us! So move aside that chocolate/candy and get your cocktail shakers because this week Tuong La, Samantha Leggatt, Bradley Sales, and Laura Gordon are concocting some ghastly, bone-chilling, and delicious drinks in our cauldrons with Top 5 Halloween Cocktails.

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156 – Top 5 Cheeses

It ain’t easy being cheesy.

First, we just want to thank whoever squeezed the first animal udder and decided “Hm, I think i can turn that into one of the most delicious things on the planet”. Second, some of the best foods revolve around or include cheese in the dish. From adding that extra zing in your meals, to needing something to snack on, to being a solid pot luck item to parties; cheese does it all. But since the dawn of cheese, there has been MANY different types/flavours that has popped up over the years and that’s why we are here today. Join Tuong and Grate Cheese Guests Hayley Kellett, Spencer Dunn, and Simone Dorie as they sample a ton of dairy and make a very gouda Top 5 Cheeses list!

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155 – Top 5 Tabletop RPGS

Rolling for initiative…

There are so many activities that exist in the world that us humans do to distract us from life’s every day woes and get some much needed R&R. But sometimes, the most fun we can have is as simple as getting a good group of friends together around a table with some paper, dice, and our imagination! Tabletop RPGs have been around forever and one of the very few positives of the pandemic was how much the genre exploded in popularity, and finally being more accepted into the public mainstream. And while most people are really familiar with that one RPG with dungeons and dare I say dragons, there are a bountiful amount of tabletop rpgs that exist in the world waiting to be played! So join Tuong La and his party of misfit companions Sascha Lecours, Josef Addleman, Bryan Robinson, and Jordana Heney (Page of the Wind) as they roll a critical hit on ranking Top 5 Tabletop RPGs.

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154 – Top 5 Ice Cream Flavours

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Ice Cream

After a much needed summer vacation, Ranked is back and ready to close off the season by ranking everyone’s favourite summer treat – ice cream! In arguably one of our most ambitious episodes yet, we tackle this behemoth of a topic by making it a live SAMPLING episode where the group indulges in an excess quantity of dairy to make the perfect list for you – the listeners! So join Tuong La and Ice Cream Heads Laura Gordon, Jay Smith, and Kristina Bartold (The Social Snippet) as they freeze their brains sampling a ton of frozen dairy to come up with a Top 5 Ice Cream Flavours list! 

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153 – Top 5 Gay Icons

Happy Pride Month 2023!

Being part of the 2SLGBTQIA+ family comes with a beautiful community of people that have unwavering love and respect for one another but unfortunately it’s not always sunshines and rainbows. The hardships and struggles they face are ones that frankly straight people would never truly understand but should continue to do their best to educate themselves and stand up with their peers as allies. Thankfully, it’s slowly but surely gotten better as the years have gone on with the help of individuals who dared to stand up to the status quo and shake things up for the better to fight for a better tomorrow. So join Tuong and Queer Icons themselves Hayley Kellett, Kez Vicario-Robinson, and Aashay Dalvi as we end pride month by celebrating Top 5 Gay Icons!

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152 – Top 5 Final Fantasy Songs

Cue Victory Fanfare*

One of gaming’s most beloved and recognizable series, Final Fantasy, has been around for over 30+ years; gracing their loyal fanbase with excellent JRPG content, spiky hair, giant swords, exhilarating stories, and some of the best music in games. So join Tuong and his level 99 party of magical anime warriors (with a touch of teen angst) Spencer Moreland, Joshua Mayo, and Mariel Martinez-Smallwood as they ride up on their Chocobos and rank Top 5 Final Fantasy Songs!

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151 – Top 151 Pokémon (1st Gen)

Gotta Rank’Em All!

Since the 90’s Pokémon has dominated pop culture with no plans on slowing down. As of today, there have been nine generations of Pokémon but depending when you grew up, you know there’s a certain attachment and fondness for the first generation you were exposed to. In our case, it’s the original 151! So join Tuong and the other members of the Elite Four Angus MacDonald, Sarah MacDonald, and Samantha Leggatt as they seek out to be the very best (like no one ever was) and rank all 151 of the first generation Pokémon in an ordered list! 

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150 – Top 5 Fictional Bullies

Give us your lunch money nerds because this week we rankin’ bullies!

Let’s get one thing outta the way: real bullies suck. Fictional bullies, however, have a certain charm to them that make them much more intriguing to watch or read about. So this week join Tuong and his school yard chums Angus MacDonald, Matt Barrow, and Chelsea Fahey as they get wedgied and thrown into a locker together while ranking Top 5 Fictional Bullies!

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