Welcome to Cinema Saves the World!

What is this show?

Cinema Saves the World is the latest partnership with PodCavern and Pull the Plug!

On this show Tuong & Justin will be testing their might and will by going through movie marathons of all your favorite franchises in the name of Saving the World! This will be a live-stream show on Facebook and there will be an audio release of the show which will be available on our Bandcamp page.

But how will you be saving the world?

Great question! Tuong & Justin will be donating some good earned dollars to raise money for a charity of their choice. Using Facebook donation tools, we will be able to collect donations from our amazing audience to help out the cause that goes directly to the charity. We will also be setting up donations at our Bandcamp page which will include a pay what you want model for our audio. ALL proceeds will be going to the charity and never to PodCavern and Pull the Plug.

This sounds great! When is the first episode and where can I hear more about this?

The first episode will be releasing February 9, 2019. For more information check out our Facebook page

PodCavern Facebook Page

Pull the Plug Facebook Page