EP106 – Making an Omelette

Angus and Sal are on vigilante patrol when they pick up a signal reporting a festive crime in progress. Can Angus and Sal save Easter….I wouldn’t count on it.

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PP21 – Toy Story 4 (2019)

You might not believe it, but 24 years later, your favourite talking toys are back for an unprecedented fourth film in the beloved Toy Story series – and it has the house of Dummies divided! While some fans might have preferred to leave Woody, Buzz and the gang to live their happily ever after with Bonnie, there are more adventures to be had, heartstrings to be tugged, and toys to be spawned from the depths of the trash bin in the latest road trippin’ instalment of this smaller-than-life tetralogy.

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E60 – Godzilla vs. Kong vs. Bugs Bunny

You’ve hunted around your backyard and what did you find?? A brand new episode of the Improv Punch Up!

The boys meet up in the Simulacrum to punch up Hollywood’s latest blockbuster…GODZILLA VS KONG! Godzilla loses his job and doesn’t know what to do! Kong is stranded on an island and only wants to know his family!! A certain waskilly wabbit goes on a murderous rampage!!!

The scene is set for a triple threat deathmatch of the ages, featuring NO SWEARING whatsoever, some…..unfortunate…..side effects of puberty, and a SHOCKING conclusion that will leave you asking….What’s Up Doc????

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