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144 – Top 5 2000’s Songs

Holla newbies! We are in the 2000’s now!

We did the 80’s, we did the 90’s, now it’s time to tackle the best music of the 2000’s! The 2000’s was a big turning point in the music industry. With the rise of portable music players (ie mp3 players and the iPod classic) and digital storefronts to download songs, listening to music became easier and more accessible than ever. Because of that, we got a boom in the quantity and quality of songs that came out in this decade from essentially every genre which is what made today’s episode particularly difficult (but not impossible!). So join Tuong La and your “Baller Homeskillets” Axandre Lemours, Colleen Wang, and Victoria Luloff as they bring back “fetch” while getting “crunk” and make a Top 5 2000’s songs list! 

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104 – Top 5 Love Songs

Stop! In the name of love (songs)!
It’s time for yet another Valentine’s Ranked Special! Music and Love have gone hand in hand since the dawn of the cavemen (probably). As long as there has been music, there have been people out there singing about their feelings for one another. So how do you make a good song from a topic that has been covered millions of times without being overly cheesy, obvious, and copying what’s come before? Join Tuong La and Palentine’s Kristy Matheson, Amanda Gulka-Armstrong, and Laura Gordon as they get hot and steamy while ranking Top 5 Love Songs!

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