145 – Top 5 Ontario Craft Beers

Cheers to all Ontario Breweries! 

On a previous beer-filled drunken episode, we ranked Top 5 Budget Beers. This time, the gang decided to level up and get more bougie with their alcohol by ranking craft beers! Craft beer has become increasingly popular over the years as more breweries pop up every single day and Ontario does not mess around when it comes to their booze. The excitement of craft beers come from the sheer variety of brews out there, with fun cans, and flavour profiles. And while drinking craft beer can get expensive, you often get more bang for your buck in terms of quality and alcohol percentage (sorry Pabst Blue Ribbon). So join Tuong La and our favourite idiots at Pull the Plug Justin Godelie, Shannon Godelie, and Justin Briner as they chug down some delicious samples while ranking Top 5 Craft Beers in Ontario! 

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Ep 12 – Hellboy, Shazam!, Avengers: Endgame

What could be the craziest month’s for Nerd Culture in recent history, Tuong La and Pull the Plug’s Justin Godelie step up to the plate and talk about all the juicy things that came out in April! Join them as they go to hell and never return watching the newest Hellboy, zap into magical supermen discussing Shazam!, and see the Infinity Saga come to an end chattin’ about Avengers: Endgame!

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58 – Top 5 Super Powers

Ranking Super Powers is our Endgame.

Today we are celebrating 11 years of the MCU and superhero pop culture by giving our take on an aged old question: “What are the best super powers?”. Face it, even the most jaded comic book sneerer wishes they can get up and fly out of bed, transform into a fire breathing lizard, or shoot lasers out of their eyes! This week join Tuong La and New Mutants Justin Godelie, Dan Foerster, and Angus MacDonald as they put on the Infinity Gauntlet and materialize their take on the Top 5 best super powers!

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37 – Top 5 Fictional Worlds to Live In

We all know real life sucks. From the dawn of human kind, we’ve always envied the fictional worlds that we see in movies, books, TV, and video games. We all…

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