PP07 – Cars (2006)

Things may be speeding up on the racetrack, but Pixar is definitely slowing down a bit this week as we head west on Route 66. Even Lightning McQueen’s flashy style and the small-town charm of Radiator Springs aren’t enough to bring Cars the life that it’s creators were looking for – but hey, your Pals are still here to point out the bright spots, including a decent redemption plot, one memorable tune, and an unexpectedly compelling road paving machine that just might have you saying ka-chow!

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Ep 105 – When Harry Met Sally (1989) with Alyssa Wooldridge

“I’ll have what she’s having”

This week join Tuong and his Movie Expert Valentine Alyssa Wooldridge as they talk about keeping a tally on how many times you cry in a year, that the world started going downhill when JLo stopped making romance movies, and 1989’s all-time classic rom-com When Harry Met Sally!

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124 – Top 5 Festive Characters You’d Want to Party with on Christmas

The lights around the tree are not the only thing getting lit this Christmas!

Merry Christmas all you cotton headed ninny muggins because it’s time for our annual Ranked Christmas/Holiday Special! This time we wanted to end yet another weird year around the sun with a night we’ll never forget. That’s right! What better way to put a close to 2021 then to throw the biggest (fictional) party with all our favourite Christmas characters! So join Tuong and Ef Interns Justin Otto & Cassie Pyatt (Love Is…), and Amanda Pereira (The Liquid Courage Podcast) as they throw the biggest holiday rager while ranking Top 5 Festive Characters You’d Want to Party with on Christmas.

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