E85 – Sanctus Editus! Setting Goals for 2024

The irony of this episode is that Nick’s “Word of the Year” for 2024 is EDIT. And it took Brie four months to edit this dang file. Maybe EDIT should have been both our words!

NEVERTHELESS. Here we are. It’s 2024. We’re the happiest new members of PodCavern. And we’re ready to set and tackle our goals in the struggly world of Arts & Entertainment in Canada for this new year. (Aware that we’re already in the second quarter of the new year!)

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Ep 92 – Run Lola Run (1998) with Geoff McBride

“What happened to you? Did you run here?”

This week join Tuong and special guest Geoff McBride as they talk about  the return to performing outdoor theater, Geoff’s goal to become the next Sting, and 1998’s Techno/Thriller/German film Run Lola Run.

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