E31: Killing Bacteria with Light with Rita Lam

We think of hospitals as clean and sterile environments. But there will always be bacteria in any environment, including in and on the people in the hospitals. This week’s guest, Rita Lam, is an engineer/microbiologist who investigates how sunlight affects the microbiome in hospitals. Vinny and Katie share science facts about the origins of clothes and science’s new disco mice?

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61 – Top 5 Best Things about Summer

Summer Loving, Summer Dreaming, Summer Ranking

We’re finally almost here! Summer is upon us and we could not be more excited to finally enjoy all the joys that this season brings us. So get off your beach butts & grab your limed-up Coronas and join Tuong La and Rays of Sunshine Evelyn Barbr, Hayley Kellett, and Jesse Bergen as they cap off our quartet of seasons episodes and rank a list of the Top 5 Best Things about Summer!

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