E32: Protecting cows from stable flies with Saif Nayani

Mosquitos are a real pain when you’re going camping. But cattle get pestered by bugs even when they’re hanging out on the farm, more specifically by stable flies. They can number in the hundreds on any given cow, bite painfully, and feed on their blood. Saif Nayani, a Master’s student in biology, studies how stable flies find cows through the chemicals they emit and then using those chemicals to build a trap. Katie and Vinny share facts about the thymus and sexist cars.

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S01E14 – Whale Doctors on Three

Our ninja entered into the third mirror shard in search for the last fragment of the prophesy. Now they only have to resist the temptations in the room, for they have been turned into flies. As important as they know paying attention is, the orange Fanta glass on the table sitting next to the half eaten stake, the dog lying on the floor, the sweat covered uniform of the practicing ninja, are all so alluring. Will they be able to resist?! Tune in to find out!

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S01E13 – Kafkaesque

Our ninja got two parts of the prophesy and things look grim. The book recovered from the library of Babel told a heart wrenching story and left a troubling warning. Will our heroes-to-be find the answers they seek in the last fragment of the prophesy? Will they even be able to obtain it? Tune in to find out!

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