greg schulz

150. The Inauguration of Vice-President Potato ft. Greg Schulz

This week, host Tom Zalatnai (@tomzalatnai) calls up Plant-Based Correspondent Greg Schulz (@giantwerewolf4) to talk about Vice-President Potato, the people’s politician. We get into the Great Irish Potato Famine, ways to prep potatoes in bulk for freezing, Marie Antoinette’s buttonhole, and the history of the Potato Head toy!

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140. Munch Madness: Charcuterie vs Chocolate; Bread vs Hot Sauce ft. Zack Ingles & Greg Schulz

This week, hosts Teffer Adjemian (@tefferbear) and Tom Zalatnai (@tomzalatnai) bring you the next two first-round match-ups of Munch Madness 2024! Guest judges Zack Ingles (@zackinglesmusic) and Greg Schulz (@giantwerewolf4) give us their takes on the battles between Charcuterie & Chocolate and Bread & Hot Sauce!

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93. Munch Madness: Hot Sauce vs Beef; Mustard vs Berries ft. Greg Schulz & Giovanni Colantonio

This week, hosts Tom Zalatnai (@tomzalatnai) and Teffer Adjemian (@tefferbear) call up special guest judges Greg Schulz (@giantwerewolf) and Giovanni Colantonio (@marioprime) to hear their arguments for which foods deserve to move forward to the next round of Munch Madness! Will hot sauce prove too hot to handle, or will beef steak home the gold? Will mustard have enough faith to move mountains, or will berries bury the competition?

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