Arcane Ninja RPG: A story about Ninjas & Magic told through roleplaying.

Hosted ByFede Holten, Roselyn Kelada-Sedra, Jonas McLean, and Kaitlin Condie

Follow the adventures of three graduating Ninja from Claybelt Ninjitsu Academy, the largest in Canada, as the dice dictate just how successfully they face the challenges that are threatening the world. Actual Play Storytelling.

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S01E22 – Centaurgeneology

What’s really going on in Atlantis? Can our ninja leave the city at will? What is going on with the Russians? … and … Are centaurs a product of zoophilia?. Tune in!

S01E21 – Narwal Ultrasound

Tony has strange dream and people keep on disappearing! Turtle Sensei has not seen Sprout since she left last. Does the squad need to start killing random Atlanteans to find out if they are really themselves? Tune in to find you!

S01E20 – Tow proposals and a funeral

The Russians are in Atlantis?! It cannot be! Why? …and What!?! The royals have been murdered? Is Princess Metopia telling the truth? Has there been a coup? …and How safe is it, really, to go biting on undead? Tune in to find out!

S01E19 – The Circle of Life

The White Bear Clan has come to Atlantis? Impossible! And why would they destroy the Shroomie grove? Will our heroes defeat them once more? Will they get answers? Tune in to find out!

S01E18 – Is it a sex thing?

Atlantis is like no other place our ninja have ever been to before, older and more majestic than the most ancient wonders that have withstood the test of time on the surface. The squad has emerged into the dry section of the city and they are being welcome by the Atlantean King and Queen themselves. What will the royal reception be like? Will they finally be able to return to the surface? Tune in to find out!

S01E17 – Deep Conditioning

They already failed once to catch the smoke-made hellcat wreaking havoc inside the oracle whale. But now they have extra help from the mushroom girl, Sprout, will it be enough? And once they catch it, what will the Atlanteans do with them? Will they let them go? Will they help the squad get back to the surface world? Tune in to find out!

S01E16 – Catching Smoke

Everything has gone sideways. The Oracle Whale is hurt and has hidden somewhere in the depths of the ocean. The hell cat that escaped from Leonora’s boat is wreaking havoc and is proving difficult to catch. To cap it all, the Atlanteans are just abut to get involved. How will our ninja get out of this one? Tune in to find out what happens next!

S01E15 – A Hairy Solution

The deep, pitch undulating, growl of the hell cat reverberates through the inside of the Oracle Whale. In the brain cavity, the lights turn red and the entryway seals shut, trapping Edelmira and Leonora inside. The air is running out. There is no time to waste, our ninja must jump into action. Will they be able to catch the smoke-made cat in time?! Tune in to find out!

S01E14 – Whale Doctors on Three

Our ninja entered into the third mirror shard in search for the last fragment of the prophesy. Now they only have to resist the temptations in the room, for they have been turned into flies. As important as they know paying attention is, the orange Fanta glass on the table sitting next to the half eaten stake, the dog lying on the floor, the sweat covered uniform of the practicing ninja, are all so alluring. Will they be able to resist?! Tune in to find out!