Heroes Don’t Do Paperwork

Hosted ByAngus MacDonald and Matthew Whalley

In a world where the vast majority of people have special powers - there are Super Heroes, Super Villains, and a mountain of paperwork after the dust has settled. My name is Angus and I’ve been hired by the Super Human Action Response Team to help navigate the red tape of a super powered world along with my bureaucrat partner Sal. It’s a thankless job but somebody has to do it because Heroes Don’t Do Paperwork.

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EP111 – Thick Necks and Thin Skin

Sal works on a story around Super City’s newest serial killer, The Haberdasher Slasher, while Angus discusses the finer points of skin donation. The guys are then visited by the sickly Weebly Creezer (Josh Mayo), a former resident of a local experimental lab.

EP110 – Laser Fest and Other Ungodly Side Hustles

Sal is feeling better than ever and Angus is run down from working multiple jobs to raise money for their trial with Mayor Hicks. In fact Angus forgot that he had an extra shift and had to leave the episode early.

EP109 – Dino NDA

Angus and Sal celebrate their work to save the Museum of Personal History, until a mysterious character (Leslie Cserepy) appears to deliver some bad news. Is this character merely the herald of some greater threat….yes.

EP108 – A Place To Recall Your Own

In hopes of saving it from Mayor Hicks, Sal takes Angus to The Museum of Personal History to shine a light on the value it provides to the community. Inside Angus and Sal get to relive moments from their pasts and see what might have been…

EP107 – It’s Morphin Time

Angus and Sal are joined by Public Transportation Advocate C.J. Orion (Josh Degagné) who thinks less people should be driving on the roads of Super City. But with this guest there might be more than meets the eye.

EP106 – Making an Omelette

Angus and Sal are on vigilante patrol when they pick up a signal reporting a festive crime in progress. Can Angus and Sal save Easter….I wouldn’t count on it.

EP105 – Dance Dance Resurrection

While Angus and Sal try to find the perfect headline for an article they are visited by an undead backup dancer, Number 62 (Leichelle Little). But this dancer yearns to dance to their own beat.

EP104 – Caught In The Act Out

Sal is recovering from a juice based diagnosis while Angus establishes contact with someone who can connect the Mayor of Super City to a series of crimes. When this informant Paul De Parle finally comes on the show it turns out getting the information from him will be harder than they expected.

EP103 – Transformative Life Experience

Angus finally emerges from his cocoon with a new perspective. Sal has been plenty busy while Angus was gone, taking the safety of Super City and the comfort of his coworkers into his own hands.