11 – Top 5 Supporting Simpsons Characters

Everything is coming up Milhouse in this brand new Simpsons themed episode of Ranked! Join Tuong La and fellow Springfield fanatics Matt Barrow, Samantha Leggatt, and Glen Barlas as they talk about all the best characters that AREN’T The Simpsons. (Also for the record…I was saying Boo-urns)

Are you as angry as a Springfield Mob because we forgot a character? Send your rage and other podcast topic ideas to podcavern@gmail.com and it may be one of our next topics!

Thanks for listening!


Group Top 5

5. Sideshow Bob

4. Lionel Hutz

3. Krusty the Clown

2. Seymour Skinner

1.Mr. Burns


Tuong’s List

  1. Chief Wiggum
  2. Lionel Hutz
  3. Skinner
  4. Mr. Burns
  5. Moe Szyslak
  6. Krusty
  7. Hans Moleman
  8. Milhouse
  9. Kent Brockman
  10. Grandpa Simpson

Sam’s List

  1. Burns
  2. Hutz
  3. Skinner
  4. Ned
  5. Krusty
  6. Milhouse
  7. Bob
  8. Mrs. K

Matt’s List

  1. Sideshow Bob
  2. Milhouse
  3. Lionel Hutz
  4. Troy McClure
  5. Smithers
  6. Skinner
  7. The Wiggums
  8. Martin Prince

Glen’s List

  1. Mr.Burns
  2. Sideshow Bob
  3. Skinner
  4. Krusty
  5. Moe


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