150. The Inauguration of Vice-President Potato ft. Greg Schulz

This week, host Tom Zalatnai (@tomzalatnai) calls up Plant-Based Correspondent Greg Schulz (@giantwerewolf4) to talk about Vice-President Potato, the people’s politician. We get into the Great Irish Potato Famine, ways to prep potatoes in bulk for freezing, Marie Antoinette’s buttonhole, and the history of the Potato Head toy!

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166 – Top 5 Potato Dishes

Hey there spud! 

Potatoes are extremely versatile and has become a beloved staple in cuisines across the globe. From golden crispy fries to creamy mashed potatoes and everything in between, the amount of culinary creations that can be made with the humble potato are vast and seemingly infinite. So join Tuong La and his ‘Spuddies’ Angus MacDonald, Rich Hilborn, and Meghan Murphy as they peel back the layers of this deliciously starchy food and rank Top 5 Potato Dishes.

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142. Munch Madness: Ice Cream vs Chocolate; Potatoes vs Rice ft. Cupcakedex & Kadi Diop

This week, hosts Teffer Adjemian (@tefferbear) and Tom Zalatnai (@tomzalatnai) bring you the first quarter-final match-ups of Munch Madness 2024! Guest judges Cupcakedex (@cupcakedex) and Kadi Diop (@kadi_d) give us their takes on the battles between Ice Cream & Chocolate and Potatoes & Rice!

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138. Munch Madness: Potato vs Pickle; Citrus vs Ice Cream ft. Eric Silver & Aslam Choudhury

This week, hosts Teffer Adjemian (@tefferbear) and Tom Zalatnai (@tomzalatnai) bring you the first two first-round match-ups of Munch Madness 2024! Guest judges Eric Silver (@el_silvero) and Aslam Choudhury (@aslamchoudhury) give us their takes on the battles between Potatoes & Pickles and Citrus & Ice Cream!

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85. The Humble Potato

This week, hosts Teffer Adjemian (@tefferbear) and Tom Zalatnai (@tomzalatnai) talk about everyone’s favorite starchy tuber, the potato! Tell me about it, spud. We get into different textures, colours, and flavours of potatoes, our favorite ways to cook them, and… All He Wants For Christmas Is A Fingerling??

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E52 – Two Tusks Too Furious (Fast & Furious 9)

Them Punch Up Boys are at it again! After an extended quarantine where Angus, Tuong and Leslie have been isolated from the world and new cycle they have come to find that Fast 9 has been delayed!! Why? Because the studio wanted a PAGE ONE REWRITE. Expect POTATO SACK RACES! TALKING ELEPHANTS!!!! Expect THINGS TO GO OFF THE RAILS!!!!!

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85 – Top 5 Soups


There’s nothing like a big bowl of hearty warm soup to get your taste buds going. The delicious combination of throwing ingredients in a big pot of water and fusing the flavors together into something that not only tickles the nostrils but fills you up like someone is giving your stomach a nice cozy hug, is why soups have been a staple meal throughout the dawn of time. This week join Tuong La and Soup Heads Angus MacDonald, Samantha Leggatt, and Leslie Cserepy as they reunite with the powers of the internet to deliberate on the delectable topic that is Top 5 Soups!

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83 – Top 5 Chips

We know we can’t just eat one…
We were very lucky to record this episode pre-quarantine because live-sampling needed to happen (for research of course) to once and for all decide what the best chips are! These thin-sliced, deep-fried, crunchy snacks have been a staple in Snack Food Culture for centuries and we knew we had to do this episode justice. So join Tuong La and Potato Heads Hayley Kellett, Simone Dorie, and Leslie Cserepy as they get their sweet, salty, and savoury on and rank Top 5 Chips! 

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70 – Top 5 Thanksgiving Foods

Gobble Gobble!
It’s that time of year again where friends and family gather around and give thanks to the Turkey/Tofurkey gods! But whether you like Turkey or not, there is no denying that Thanksgiving has turned into a tradition where families bring out their A-game for dinner. This week join Tuong La  and Food pilgrims Geoff McBride, Jesse Preece, and Desiree Connors Warmington as they brace their stomachs for turkey-itis and rank Top 5 Thanksgiving Foods!

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57 – 3rd Annual Top 5 Ways to…(According to Improvisors)

Yes and…time for our annual improv episode!

Welcome to the third year of a THREE in ONE Ranked episode where we put 15 improv groups on the spot from the Ottawa Improv Festival 2019 to weigh in on three questions that only improvisors can answer! Join Tuong La and Improv Nerds Angus MacDonald, Leslie Cserepy while we make a Top 5 and RANK other people’s answers! Also once again a certain special friend from “Daredevil” and “Spiderverse” makes a surprise appearance..

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