15 – Top 5 Ways to Get Your Sh*t together for Back to School (Things I Wish I Knew)

Summer where did you go?

As the days get shorter and fall starts creeping in, it only means one thing: Back to School is here! Join Tuong La and A+ guests Stenley Philippe, Patty Eddu, and Stefanie McLean as we look back on things we wish we knew when we were students; and pass down our wisdom to current students looking to get their sh*t together for school this year.

Email all your ways you got your sh*t together this year or when you were a student to ranked@podcavern.com! We love hearing from our audience.

*Spoilers* Below is our Top 5 list from this episode as well as our own personal unordered lists.

Group List

5. Do not sleep with your floormates (floorcest)

4. Find your “Nook” (private area to study, bathroom, alone time)

3. Ditch High School Drama

2. Suck Up To Important People (Networking)

1. Get out there and Experience All the Things




Tuong’s List

  1. Find Your Nook
  2. Don’t get Drunk Before Class
  3. Ditch High School Drama
  4. Learn to Cook
  5. Just “do it”
  6. Bring Water Everywhere
  7. Do not engage in “floorcest”
  8. Do Party, but Don’t be Dumb
  9. Discover Your Benefits (Dental Coverage, Student Discounts)
  10. Go on an exchange
  11. Your First Year Doesn’t Define What your Career is
  12. Don’t Let Social Media Ruin Your Life

Stenley’s List

  1. Do not engage in floorcest
  2. Keep a Daily Blog/ Journal Everything
  3. Use your Common Sense

(Stenley also made Game of Thrones inspired honorable mentions)

1. You know Nothing John Doe  РForget about what you think you know, open your mind

2. Be No One – Be yourself and don’t pretend to be anyone else

3. Always Pay Your Debts – Pay your Tuition

4. Winter is Coming – prepare yourself for everything that will come your way

5. Dracarys – Set the university on “fire” metaphorically. This is your education. Go and make it worthwhile.


Patty’s list

  1. Suck up to important people (networking)
  2. Be in the Moment
  3. Skyping friends from home all the time won’t make you new friends
  4. Go abroad
  5. Standardized Tests aren’t representative as your worth as a human
  6. Mixing every Kind of Cinnamon Hard Liquor is not a good idea
  7. It’s not that serious
  8. People will like to share your stuff – eff that.

Stef’s List

1. Smart Scheduling (no 8 am classes)

2. Sit in the front two rows

3. Get your Shit together

4. Pack and pre-purchase

5. Get to the TV room first to claim your territory for the year

6. Go to School away from home

7. Never say no to free food

8. Free shit is good shit




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