How much you liftin’ bruh?

Look we all know that staying actively fit is a good thing. Whenever we are feeling sluggish, guilty, or just want to get our sh*t together we all end up eventually spending too much money on a gym membership we sometimes use. Whether you actually like going to the gym or not, we can all agree there are several people who go that we just want to strangle because let’s face it, the gym attracts some of the worst people out there. Today join Tuong La and gym rats Spencer Galipeau, Nathalie Lengacher, and Alex MacInnis as they call out the worst people and rank the top 5 Pet Peeves at the gym!

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Ground Rules

  • Could be any type of gym
  • The pet peeves that we rank don’t need to be universal to what everyone else would nominate as a pet peeve (ie. a personal pet peeve would still count even if someone else doesn’t share the same sentiment)

*Spoilers* Below is our Top 5 list from this episode as well as our own personal nominations throughout the episode.

Group Top 5

5. Dropping Weights

4.Locker Room Traffic JamĀ  (when you can’t get to your locker after a workout)

3. Put your dick/Ego Away (ie: people who are always naked and people who are always obsessed with their physical body)

2. Equipment Hoarders

1. People who grunt and scream while they work out

Tuong’s List

  • Locker room traffic jam
  • Constant cell phone use
  • quarter squats
  • no form
  • people who bug you while you are working out
  • getting told how to work out in a condescending way
  • put your weights away
  • equipment hoarders
  • creepy dudes
  • People who don’t stretch
  • announcing what type of protein you areusing
  • not cleaning the machines
  • people who don’t work out their legs
  • not putting a lock on your locker so whenever you try to open a locker it’s full of shit
  • new years resolution gym people


Spencer’s List

  • people who don’t clean up their weights
  • screamers and grunters
  • smelly people
  • gym-lationships (PDA at the Gym)
  • people who steal machines without asking
  • kids atthe gym
  • gym telemarketers

Nat’s List

  • People who drop their weights
  • people who come late to class
  • people who always want to talk at the gym
  • not putting stuff away
  • putting weights in the wrong place
  • not cleaning after yourself
  • creepy staring guys
  • gym couples
  • people who dress up at the gym

Alex’s List

  • people who lift too way too much then the can handle
  • people who are know-it-alls
  • training with an injury and not taking care of the injury
  • people who show up late
  • people who try to impress others but aren’t really there for themselves
  • creepy dudes
  • not knowing proper techniques
  • girls who dress up at the gym


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