E49 – The Practice Punch Up Supreme Supercut Stravaganza!

This time on The Improv Punch Up we decided to show you the fans a peek behind the curtain!  When we have a guest on we usually do a practice scene or “Practice Punch Up” to get the creative  juices flowing. We tell the guests these won’t appear on the podcast but guess what…we lied! Because they are just too fun to keep locked away. Is this a shameless attempt to scrape together another episode or an inspiring look at our guests before the episode has begun? You decide!


Special thanks to:

Nicole Bedford, Laura Hall, Rich Hillborn, Jordan Moffatt, Chelsea Fahey, Sachin Sinha, Krystal Merrells, Joel Garrow, Patrice-Ann Forbes, Al Connors, Vinny Francois, Victoria Luloff, Sam Leggatt.

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