Disney Dummies x Pixar Pals

Hosted ByTuong La, Samantha Leggatt, Laura Gordon

The world is full of Disney superfans, but this trio is wise enough to know that even the super-est fans can still be Disney Dummies. Join Sam, Laura, and Tuong as they explore each of Disney’s animated films in chronological order, bringing you blasts from the past, fun facts you never knew, and hot takes on everything from the seven dwarf’s political affiliations to what Tinkerbell’s pixie dust is really made of.

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PP26 – Lightyear (2022)

Have you ever wanted to know more about your favourite space ranger? Turns out it doesn’t matter, because Pixar is going to tell you anyways, as the Pixar Pals blast off with Lightyear – the fictional-turned-actual movie about a fictional astronaut turned fictional-turned-actual toy. Are you confused yet? Not to worry, the Pals have already sent an SOS to Star Command about where in the universe things went wrong, and as soon as they get the hyperspace fuel crystal right we’ll escape the effects of time dilation! Also, there’s a cute cat robot.

PP25 – Turning Red (2022)

Some might argue that a mother’s love is the greatest power of all, but in Turning Red, a teenage girl’s boy band obsession will give that love a run for its money – that is, if she can make enough money to afford the concert tickets. While the Pixar Pals learn pretty quickly that there’s Nobody Like U, their fellow 4*Townies Meilin and friends navigate the complicated and often contradictory priorities that come with familial responsibility, extraordinary friendship, and growing up a tiny bit different from everyone else.

PP24 – Luca (2021)

They say everything’s better down where it’s wetter, but what if the seagrass isn’t always greener? The Pixar Pals are following the current of a curious young sea monster who’s about to learn a thing or two about wanting to be where the people are – as well as where the pasta, Vespas, and gelato can be found – while a village is turned upside down forever as Luca lands on, well, land, and discovers what it means to accept and be accepted for exactly who you are. It’s a heartwarming tale that’s cold blooded – in the best way.

PP23 – Soul (2020)

A little spark can be a handy thing for lighting a fire, but what’s a soul to do when they can’t seem to find theirs? Enter Joe, a not-quite-dead man walking who’s looking for any possible route from the great beyond back to Earth – but preferably one that’s going to get him to his gig at 7 tonight. As Joe encounters many a misadventure in his attempts to find his way back, he and the Pixar Pals are about to learn a valuable lesson about finding your spark, discovering your purpose, and living every minute.

PP22 – Onward (2020)

In a world of dungeons, dragons, and classic teenage high school drama, it’s tough being an elf who just wants to fit in – and as the Pals will learn in Onward, overenthusiastic older brothers don’t exactly make things any easier. But while it can take a lot of imagination to get past a sibling’s seemingly embarrassing hobbies or odd quirks to embrace them for who they are, in the end, their own extraordinary imagination might turn out to be the best thing about them.

PP21 – Toy Story 4 (2019)

You might not believe it, but 24 years later, your favourite talking toys are back for an unprecedented fourth film in the beloved Toy Story series – and it has the house of Dummies divided! While some fans might have preferred to leave Woody, Buzz and the gang to live their happily ever after with Bonnie, there are more adventures to be had, heartstrings to be tugged, and toys to be spawned from the depths of the trash bin in the latest road trippin’ instalment of this smaller-than-life tetralogy.

PP20 – Incredibles 2 (2018)

Is there such thing as being TOO incredible? We can’t say for sure, but there’s definitely such thing as Incredibles 2! That’s right, your favourite family of superheroes is back in action, ready to take on everything from telecommunications and real estate porn to first dates and flame-retardant fashion. The Pixar Pals are just barely keeping up with the crew in this high-octane sequel that’s pretty…amazing.

PP19 – Coco (2017)

Every family has its stories, and though some of those stories live on through generations, others fade into memories long forgotten. While the Pixar Pals are going loco for Coco’s heartfelt tunes, stunning visuals, and creative storytelling, Miguel and the rest of the Rivera family – including the goodest boy, Dante – show us the importance of honouring those who came before us and the power of remembering.

PP18 – Cars 3 (2017)

They say the third time’s the charm, and the Dummies are happy to confirm that after a couple of rough stints, Pixar landed firmly on the podium with Cars 3. We’re back to the studio’s basics of compelling characters, meaningful storytelling, and heartwarming (if foreseeable) plot twists…plus an epic demolition derby that we did NOT see coming.