Disney Dummies x Pixar Pals

Hosted ByTuong La, Samantha Leggatt, Laura Gordon

The world is full of Disney superfans, but this trio is wise enough to know that even the super-est fans can still be Disney Dummies. Join Sam, Laura, and Tuong as they explore each of Disney’s animated films in chronological order, bringing you blasts from the past, fun facts you never knew, and hot takes on everything from the seven dwarf’s political affiliations to what Tinkerbell’s pixie dust is really made of.

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PP10 – Up (2009)

We’ve heard of children testing the limits of gravity, but a senior citizen making helium bend to his will is uncharted territory – and the start of an unforgettable expedition. Float along to Paradise Falls with the Pixar Pals as we witness the bittersweet story of Karl and Ellie, and see how far love can carry you as long as you believe that adventure is out there.

PP09 – Wall-E (2008)

Put on your Sunday clothes, listeners – turns out there’s lots of world out there, and the Pixar Pals are about to explore it with everyone’s favourite anthropomorphic robot, WALL-E! Garbage compacting has never been so watchable, and cockroaches have never been so cute, in this unexpectedly charming story that reminds us that there’s a lot of good to see in the world…as long as we look beyond our screens.

PP08 – Ratatouille (2007)

Adventurous fish, a family of superheroes, talking cars…what’s next, a charming rat who can cook you a gourmet meal? YUP! The Pixar Pals are continuing the studio’s hot streak of fine fare as they serve up some silliness and a side of heart with Ratatouille. This one goes out to anyone who’s ever needed an ego boost in the kitchen – because anyone can cook!

PP07 – Cars (2006)

Things may be speeding up on the racetrack, but Pixar is definitely slowing down a bit this week as we head west on Route 66. Even Lightning McQueen’s flashy style and the small-town charm of Radiator Springs aren’t enough to bring Cars the life that it’s creators were looking for – but hey, your Pals are still here to point out the bright spots, including a decent redemption plot, one memorable tune, and an unexpectedly compelling road paving machine that just might have you saying ka-chow!

PP06 – The Incredibles (2004)

So far, we’ve met Pixar characters who are lovable, resourceful, adventurous, caring, and determined; but this week, we’re saying hello to a cast that’s truly incredible. Your best Pals are stretching, lifting, speeding, and disappearing our way through our first superhero film, and you better believe we’re leaving our capes at home as we take on the evil Syndrome alongside…you guessed it!…The Incredibles.

PP05 – Finding Nemo (2003)

We all get a little lost sometimes – but it’s a rare clownfish whose dad travels hundreds of miles, battling sharks and traversing a jellyfish forest, with only one mission: just keep swimming, just keep swimming…until he finds his son. With the help of a plucky Blue Tang and a tank full of finned friends, Finding Nemo and the Pixar Pals will remind even the most ichthyophobic among us that fish are friends, not food.

PP04 – Monsters, Inc. (2001)

What if the monsters under your bed really did exist – but they were more scared of you than you were of them? The Pixar Pals are swinging the closet door wide open and facing some high-scoring scarers as we explore the world of Monsters, Inc., and all the slimy, scaly, and shaggy beasts it has to offer – including an outsider who isn’t afraid to say “Boo!”

PP03 – Toy Story 2 (1999)

It seems the world couldn’t get enough of Woody, Buzz and the gang, so for their third feature, Pixar gave the people what they wanted and delivered their first sequel: Toy Story 2. The Pixar Pals are ready for this roundup, featuring a mix of fresh and familiar faces, unexpected adventures, hilarious hijinks, and what is to become a signature move for the studio: an emotional gut-punch of a scene that’ll have you reaching for the Kleenex (and your favourite childhood toy).

PP02 – A Bugs Life (1998)

It’s tough to be a bug, and even tougher when you’re at the bottom of the food chain like Flik and the other inhabitants of Ant Island. But the Pixar Pals are about to find out what happens when a bully pushes a little ant with big ideas too far…and a classic mix-up leads to a motley crew of new friends showing him exactly what he’s capable of. You may not walk away a lover of insects, but A Bug’s Life will at least having you thinking twice before taking a magnifying glass to the sidewalk on a sunny day.