You ain’t never had a friend like me.


Where would our Disney heroes be without them? These lovable fools who are along for the ride provide comic relief, they act as the conscience for our hero, and they sometimes get their own musical number!¬† However, at the end of the movie they aren’t the ones being basked in all the glory. Well not today!¬† This week be our guest while Tuong La and partners in crime Samantha Leggatt, Alli Harris, and Kristine Shadid talk about the Top 5 Disney Sidekicks!

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PS this might be one of my favorite Disney moments (link below)


Group Top 5

5. Abu

4. Mushu

3. Sebastian

2. Timon + Pumba


Tuong’s List

  1. Mulan
  2. Timon + Pumba
  3. Kronk
  4. Pacha
  5. Baymax
  6. Jiminy Cricket
  7. Sebastian
  8. Lumierre and Cogsworth
  9. Olaf
  10. Genie
  11. Abu

Sam’s List

  1. Genie
  2. Sebastian
  3. Olaf
  4. Nala
  5. Fix it Felix Jr.
  6. Pain and Panic
  7. Pegasus

Alli’s List

  1. Abu
  2. Pascal
  3. Raja
  4.  Maximus
  5. Timon + Pumba
  6. Gus Gus
  7. Thumper

Kristine’s List

  1. Lefou
  2. Dodger
  3. Lumierre and Cogsworth
  4. Zazu
  5. Broom from Fantasia

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