111 – Top 5 TV Game Shows

May 19, 2021

Come on down!

TV Game shows have been around for a very long time. And while the history of this format has been around forever, the appeal of them has always been the same – that everyday people could win a lot of money by being tested for their mental or physical abilities (or more times than not just dumb luck). So this week join Tuong La and What We Do in the Basement’s Jesse Bergen, Natashia Durand, and Thomas Proles as they they land on the Daily Double and give the final answer of “what is Top 5 TV Game Shows?”.

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Ground Rules

  • We are specifically looking for “TV Game Shows” where TV is the operative word.
  • TV could also extend to anything on a screen so like a mobile game show but not something like a video game show
  • We are also not including Reality TV shows or Fictional Game Shows
  • Generally there has to be a “prize to be won” at the end
  • A key aspect of a TV game show is generally a rotating guest of participants and not like a “season of the same guests” like a reality tv show would
  • Nominations are stronger on how unique the show is, how influential the show is, how fun it is, if people can “play at home”, etc.

*Spoilers* Below is our Top 5 list from this episode as well as our own personal unordered  lists.

Group Top 5

5. MXC


3. Wheel of Fortune

2.Whose Line Is It Anyways



Tuong’s List

  • The Price is Right
  • HQ Trivia
  • Uh-Oh!
  • Jeopardy
  • Who Wants to Be a Millionaire
  • Hollywood Squares
  • Gong Show
  • Whose Line is it Anyways?
  • Battle of the Geeks
  • Weakest Link

Jesse’s List

  • Jeopardy
  • Who Wants to Be A Millionaire
  • MXC
  • QI
  • 8 out of 10 Cats does Countdown
  • SNL Jeopardy (doesn’t count but I love it)
  • Timeplay (does that count? that thing you play before a movie?)

Natashia’s (Tash) List

  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Supermarket Sweep
  • Whose Line is it Anyways?
  • Family Feud
  • Hollywood Squares
  • The Dating Game
  • Deal or No Deal
  • Hollywoo Stars & Celebrities – What do they Know? Do they Know things? (from Bojack Horseman)

Thomas’s List

  • Win Ben Stein’s Money
  • Nickelodeon Guts
  • Cash Cab
  • Weakest Link
  • Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader
  • Nickelodeon Arcade
  • Whose Line is it Anyways?


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